Paying For Hospice


Paying for Hospice

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For most Hospice patients, the cost of hospice care is fully covered by the Medicare or Medicaid Hospice Benefit. This benefit provides a daily allowance to the hospice organization, and in turn, the hospice pays for all medical services, medications, durable medical equipment, supplies, and treatments related to managing your serious illness as part of your individual plan of care. Like Medicare and Medicaid, most private insurance companies also provide coverage for hospice care. Private insurance benefits, deductibles and co-insurance requirements may vary by plan and are reviewed individually. For any patient who needs Hospice Care and does not have a payer source, Richmond County Hospice, Inc. has a benevolent care program to cover the cost of hospice care.

For more information about the Hospice Benefit, please contact our Intake Team at 910-997-4464.